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I have been a collector of banknotes for 35 years. Like all collectors, I started small, saving banknotes and coins from overseas vacations. In 1990, I began to collect Palestine Currency Commission banknotes; these banknotes were expensive, and so I could only afford to buy a few. With time, I amassed a very good collection though, and that drove me to expand my interest to include other areas.

In the year 2000, I started my business as a dealer of banknotes, and what a journey this has been. I was fortunate to have met some of the world's most advanced collectors, most respected dealers, and had the opportunity to attend many world class shows and auctions. I feel very privileged having handled some of the world's rarest banknotes.

I am pleased to offer a good sampling of banknotes on this website. Please check back periodically for new items, or sign up for my mailing list. Inside you will find Middle Eastern, Pre Euro currency, French Colonial, and British Commonwealth banknotes.

Phil Doudar

I am also a serious buyer of banknotes. If you have a collection, or better world banknotes, please consider me. Feel free to shoot me an email, and visit my Facebook page.

Phil Doudar